What is a cookie?

Most websites use cookies to improve the user experience, "remembering" for a single visit (using a "session" cookie) or more visits (using a "persistent cookie").

Cookies have many different functions, such as allowing you to move efficiently between pages, store user preferences and improve the user experience of a website.

Cookies make the interaction between user and website easier. If a website doesn’t use cookies, each time the user moves to a different page of the site will be considered as a new user. For example, if the user enters the login information and then goes to another page, will not be recognized by the site, and the access to other pages will not be automatic.

Some websites use cookies to display advertising or marketing messages, for example according to the place where you live and / or your habits.

Cookies may be set by the website you are visiting ( "first-part cookies") or from other websites running the content on displayed page ( "third-part cookies").

For more info about cookies (http://www.aboutcookies.org/)


Which cookies uses this site?


Strictly necessary cookies


Some cookies are strictly necessary to enable the user to navigate the website and use its features.

Without these cookies, we are not able to know the number of unique visitors to the site, and also offer some features, such as automatic access to the website services.


Performance cookies


www.areedesign.com website uses Google Analytics (http://www.google.it/intl/it/policies/technologies/types/), a web analytics service provided by Google, Inc. Google Analytics set up a cookie to value the use of services and create a report to be supplied to the site name.



Third Part Cookies


To improve our offer, sometimes we include pictures, video and other content coming from social networking websites, such as YouTube, Facebook, Google and Twitter.

The pages that hold this content may contain cookies of websites mentioned above. Similarly, when on our websites are displayed buttons like "Like" or "Follow", the service through you share the content may set a cookie.

You can also choose to use other tools of social network that www.areedesign.com is not able to control, like Pinterest.

www.areedesign.com does not control the use of third part cookies, and our tool does not block cookies of those web sites. For more information on these cookies, please see the website of the part concerned.


How can I disable the use of cookies?


You can choose to disable cookies on your terminal (PC, tablet, phone, etc ...) through the browser. Each browser has different modes and possibilities to do it: some allow you to enable / disable cookies only for some sites, reject all or be notified when a cookie is set. Check your browser's guide to change the cookie preferences.


Remember that blocking all cookies you will have a negative impact on the functionality of the site (and, in general, to other sites), because they are a technical instrument, often necessary, and not optional for the correct use of the contents of the site.